Tenebrae (Tempo Reale Collection, 2016)

Tenebrae is based on some fragments taken from the vocal work “Tenebrae factae sunt”, part of “Responsoria et alia ad Officium Hebdomandae Sanctae spectantia”, composed in 1611 by Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa. The original material is submitted to a process of time stretching that modifies the relations between the melodic lines. Another change occurs, in an almost spontaneous way, through an analog manipulation of the sound on magnetic tapes, where are recorded instrumental excerpts produced by the musicians of the ensemble. The low quality of the tape recording gives a distinctive grain feature to the sound, distorting it and exasperating its transformation. Released on May 6, 2016.

Cristina Abati: viola (3, 5); Marco Baldini: trumpet (1, 5); Maurizio Costantini: double bass (3, 5); Daniela Fantechi: accordion (1, 5); Luca Giorgi: sine waves (1, 3, 5) & tape recorders (2, 3, 4, 5); Michele Lanzini: cello (3, 5); Edoardo Ricci: bass clarinet (1, 5); Luisa Santacesaria: harmonium (1, 5). Recorded live by Damiano Meacci and Blutwurst at Tempo Reale in April 2016. Mixed and mastered by Damiano Meacci. Composed by Daniela Fantechi (1, 3, 4, 5) & Luca Giorgi (2, 4). The sound material of “Nastri”, recorded on low quality magnetic tapes by Luca Giorgi, is played by Marco Baldini and Luisa Santacesaria. “Aria per Nastri” consists in “Aria” recorded on low quality magnetic tapes by Luca Giorgi. Tenebrae was released by the Tempo Reale Collection.

© 2016 Tempo Reale
Photo © Lorenzo Bianchi
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